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Производитель: Hobby Zone
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ПроизводительHobby Zone
Код продуктаHBZ-WP1
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Wet Palette

Wet Palette is one of the basic tools for people painting with acrylic paints. Mixtures of colors can be used even for several days, and paints maintain perfect consistency. Slow absorption of water from the sponge ensures long-term performance and optimum moisture of paints. Wet Palette significantly improves work comfort, and promotes vast advances of painting skills.

Directions for use:

- Generously moisten the sponge with water and place a sheet of palette paper on it so that it adheres well. The pallete is ready for use.

- After work, cover pallete with lid to prevent contents from drying out.

- Thoroughly clean palette and sponge once a month. Replace palette paper regularly.

Set contains:

1 x Palette

2 x Sponge

50 x Paper

1 x Brush stand

Dimensions: 202mm (7.95") x 147mm (5.79") x 22mm (0.87")

Recommend products: WET PALETTE, Mr. Wet Palette and Mokra Paleta - Zestaw Uzupe³niaj±cy.

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Добавлено в каталог: 27.5.2020
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