Tamiya 74539 Spray-Work Airbrush Stand II

Spray-Work Airbrush Stand II - Image 1
Производитель: Tamiya
Код товара: tam74539
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Код продуктаtam74539
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Добавлено в каталог:11.5.2012
Теги:Aerografy Airbrush-holder

Spray-Work Airbrush Stand II

This airbrush stand will greatly help you with painting at your work area. This stand consists of a tray-type base and two airbrush hangers which enable placement of two airbrushes at the same time and is compatible with all Tamiya airbrushes except for Tamiya Badger airbrushes. In addition, spare bottles can be placed onto the base and stirrer sticks can be attached to the stay. Recommend products: Mr.Airbrush Stand & Tray II, Universal Airbrush Holder and Podstawka-przy³±cze do dwóch aerografów

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Добавлено в каталог: 11.5.2012
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